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10 Reasons To Enter The Heart Of Darknesss Haunted Complex

  1. The Haunting: An experience in the paranormal! The ghost of Elly Green has risen to seek vengeance on all who enter her home. This terror filled experience will leave you wishing the dead Never returned to haunt the living!

  2. Killer Circus in Full 3-D: The Heart of Darkness brings you Killer Circus in Full 3-D!  All Visitors to the Heart of Darkness will be asked to put the special 3-D Chroma Depth Glasses on just as you enter the newly remodeled Killer Circus Attraction. Inside you will find the best in-your-face 3-D effects that you will ever experience. The Freak Show, Twisted Carnival Games, Macabre Marionette, and Psycho Clowns of all kinds are just a few of the Amazing Characters and artwork That will leave you begging to escape. In full 3-D also means that the artwork WILL come to life, And The clowns Do want you to stay… Forever.

  3. Blackout Thursdays:  Only for the extreme fear seeker! Designed for those searching for the most feared experience.
    1. You must sign a waver.
    2. All the light effects are off, which means pitch black!
    3. Groups are limited to 6 people.
    4. One flashlight will be given per group.
    5. The shadows in the darkness may take you!

  4. 10 Separately Themed Haunted Areas:  The Heart of Darkness gives you all that the haunt industry has to offer, so we provide 10 fear filled themed areas for your screaming pleasure! Enter The Terror Grounds of The Heart of Darkness through DarkHold Castle, then journey thru The Haunted Bus, next on to The Dead Camp Grounds, followed by The Zombie Survival House. After a quick run from a deadly ScareCrow, Wind through the Coffin Catacombs, and DeadWalker Crypts to Crow's Call Barn. Your Venture into fear is just beginning as you enter the anti-gravity Vortex Tunnel then it's time to get your chroma depth 3D glasses ready for the Killer Circus in Full 3D. Running from Giggles The Insane Clown Doctor, you enter Scream in the Dark.  It's all over, Right? Wait.. Is that Grizzly and his Chainsaw Brothers?

  5. The Largest Haunt in Iowa: The Heart of Darkness is the largest haunt in Iowa and is ALSO the longest walk-thru haunted attraction in the state!  Our attraction is 22,600 square feet of indoor/outdoor fear!  Over 13 years of new construction and added square footage at Heartland Farms have made this possible, and with a lot of help from the top talented Fear Engineers around! That allows us to give the Cedar Valley a 30 minute walk-through tour of The Heart Of Darkness. Your survival begins at DarkHold Castle, and continues through 9 more differently themed areas till your departure…running from Grizzley's Chainsaw Massacre! And… there are no guides to help you escape!  See the rest, then come see the biggest and the best that Iowa has to offer… The Heart of Darkness… you be the judge, we welcome your opinion and advice on how to provide the best in haunted entertainment.

  6. Remodeled Monster Midway: Every night at The Heart of Darkness is a party with the Monster Midway! Our Enter-By-Numbers waiting system ensures no one is stuck in long lines; instead, enjoy the time with our Monster Midway Creepers! Rock-out with our Live D.J. Russel 'Red Dragon', who takes your requests, holds contests and hands out gifts and prizes. Snap a photo of your friends with your phone at The Zombie Victim photo booth. Enjoy a Killer light show. Get your favorite carnival food at a great price.  Check out the T-Shirts and Terrors shop. Rent the party booth and have a personalized Halloween Event or Birthday Party.  Top it all off with our guest appearances every Saturday night and you might forget that in moments you will be entering the scariest haunt in the Cedar Valley.

  7. This Place really is HAUNTED!  Investigated by both the Iowa Spirit Investigation Services and Cedar Valley Ghost Hunters multiple times, they have captured some amazing evidence to support that The Heart of Darkness is REALLY HAUNTED!  A frequent "Hot Spot" of activity, Heartland Farms and The Heart of Darkness, we have captured EVP's of growls and voices, unexplainable photos, and all of the investigators have had personal experiences with the unknown!  This place will chill you to the bone!  Don't take our word for it..  check out the Ghostly Proof.

  8. The Heart Of Darkness is the ONLY haunt in Iowa featured on national TV:  The Heart of darkness is the only haunt in the state of Iowa to not only be featured on one but two major networks… ABC's Wife Swap and MTV's Made.

  9. 15+ years of NEW Haunted Construction: If you have been to the Heart of Darkness in the past 12 years since its opening, you have not SEEN The Heart Of Darkness.  This attraction is a constantly evolving event, and THOD's Fear Engineers Design new terrors never seen before in Iowa!  It is our dedication to you to always be on the cutting edge of haunted entertainment in the industry and to learn what scares and thrills you. We are one of the few haunts that stand year long, which allows us to spend little time with setting up the event and more time adding new rooms and increasing the size and entertainment value of the whole show. Thank you for allowing us to grow and in turn we promise to scare the YELL out of you!

  10. Award Winning Haunt: Not your average haunted house, the artists at The Heart of Darkness have won multiple awards for their efforts in providing a better haunted attraction to not only the Cedar Valley, but the entire state of Iowa. In the past two years, we have won a gold and then a silver Addy award for excellence in commercial advertisement with Mediacom through our production of TV commercials. In previous years we have won awards for patrons scare shots and actor expressions at Transworld's Haunted Attractions Tradeshow, and locally we won "Best of Show" and "New Business" awards with our floats in the My Waterloo Days parades. Remember... this is for Iowans proudly working to get Iowa on the map For Haunted Attractions in the U.S.