Attraction Rules

At The Heart of Darkness, safety and making sure EVERYONE has a good time is our main priority. Keeping this in mind, please read our rules before you attend. These rules are for the protection and enjoyment of all guests! Any violation of these rules will result in immediately being expelled from The Heart of Darkness. We want to thank you in advance for following these simple rules and attending The Heart of Darkness Haunted Attraction.

  • Face masks are required for the safety of our staff and patrons. Social distancing is recommended.
  • No smoking or open flames of any kind!
  • No Lighters, flashlights, cell phone lights, cameras, video, or any types of recording equipment or lights.
  • No Beverages (especially alcohol), firearms, or weapons of any kind are banned from entering The Heart of Darkness.
  • Children can not be carried through, as it is dark and easy to run into unseen walls, monsters, or any other distraction.
  • Touch nothing! Please keep hands to yourself when touring the haunts. Many of the props are one of a kind and are difficult or impossible to replace. Touching a prop may permanently damage it!  There are real life actors under those masks, if you are caught touching ANYTHING you will be escorted out.
  • Keep together at all times. We would love to use you as a prop, but don’t think your parents would like it. So don’t get lost.
  • Anyone that is displaying unsafe behavior such as horseplay, fighting, or being disruptive to other patrons or staff will only be warned once before removal.
  • ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. It is your responsibility to read and follow these rules. Our sponsors, The Heart of Darkness Haunted Attraction, Halloween Traditions, Heartland Farms, staff, agents, volunteers, representatives, cast and crew are NOT responsible for lost, stolen, or damage to personal property or injuries that may have occurred while on the premise.
  • NO REFUNDS.  Leaving the attraction early, being too scared to enter, or any other reasons to ask for a refund will not be honored.  NO REFUNDS or transferring of unused tickets are allowed and all sales are final.
  • No cutting in line.

All references, resemblances and statements to persons live and/ or dead are strictly coincidentally and are solely in use for the overall affect of the attractions. Neither Halloween Traditions nor Heartland Farms are liable for any perceived offensive encounter within the attractions and/ or premise of The Heart of Darkness. These rules are subject to change without notice and The Heart of Darkness reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone for any reason.  We want to see you again, so drive safe to and from the attraction and have a safe and Happy Halloween.